Olive and Wood?

Hi all,

Thanks for stopping by my first blog post!

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. About a year to be exact. Until this week (which was like any other week), I let fear and anxiety hold me back. I asked myself questions like, “would anyone even be interested in what I have to say?” I would follow these internal questions with self-harming statements like, “there is nothing special about you or your life.” I’m not getting married young or living in a different country, I’m not the next Jaclyn Hill or Kacey Gazdziak (seriously, go follow her!) ‘slaying’ my makeup on Youtube and Instagram, and I certainly didn’t inherit some large sum of money. I didn’t land some big staffer position with the Speaker of the House before…or after graduation and I definitely haven’t achieved society’s view of the perfect “beach bod” before next month’s spring break trip. Like the talented and wise, Kacey Gazdziak said, “you have a voice, that’s reason enough!”

If you’re anything like me, you worry a lot.  About… well, everything. Why do we do this to ourselves? We spend so much energy worrying about what might go wrong or what others may think, instead of pouring energy into what might go right. I wasn’t exactly sure what direction this first post would go, but I think now is a great time to tell you about a book a friend recently gifted me.  It’s called, The Art of Work,  A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do by Jeff Goins ($9.44 on Amazon). My good friend Lindsay Scheidell, who might as well be a sister at this point, passed this book on to me as a graduation gift. She was excited to share with me that because of this book she quit a comfortable and respected position at the American Heart Association to start her own business, Hadley Social & Public Relations Co. She’s a mom of three, including a six-month-old baby boy, working as an Adjunct Instructor part-time, and running a business. I thought “well, it must be a good book” and cracked it open. It gave me the inspiration to start this blog and a new perspective on life and my career path. I’ll probably refer to it often throughout this blog, but for now, I’ll leave it at that. I’m even considering picking up another one of his books, You Are A Writer ($6.29 on Amazon) and passing my underlined-highlighted-loved on-and-worn copy, to a good friend’s fiance, Scott McGinnis! Check your mailbox, friend!

I’ll end my first blog by telling you what you can expect from Olive & Wood moving forward. The truth is, I have no idea what content I plan to feature or what I’ll write about. I don’t even know myself very well yet… I’m really swimming upstream here. But, I love everything girly and not so girly, nerdy and fun, but also serious. So, I’ll probably write about something that falls within those parameters. My mom asked what my blog would be about and I said, “my life, politics (Cringe! I promise not actual politics), young professionals, Madison,” so maybe those too.

And lastly, before I go, I think it’s only fair that I acknowledge the woman who was one of my inspirations for this blog–an exceptional writer and friend–Shelbie Van Asten, the beauty and lifestyle blogger behind WhisconsinWhimsy!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and please feel free to comment, like, and share!



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