Restricted Area!

Welcome back Olives!

Oh yeah…that’s what I’m calling you.

I tried “oh-loves,” like olives… get it?

Dumb, I know.


I had the fortunate opportunity to go into restricted areas of the Wisconsin State Capitol this week! Let me tell you, it was quite the workout! By the end, I was tired, sweaty, dizzy, and shaken from the sheer height. I’m not at liberty to disclose how you get to the very top exactly, but it involves very steep stairwells and long narrow stretches of spiral staircases as you move toward the top. There is a landing point inside of the Rotonda (before you exit outside) that allows you to view the painting by Edwin Howland Blashfield at the top of the dome, up close.

I challenge you –should you ever get the opportunity to explore these restricted areas– to look down! It is the scariest thing….like ever. Seriously! It was even better that the day we went it was 69 degrees in February (like, what?)! You can see the whole city squished between lake Monona and Mendota, and it is gorgeous!

It was a rather impromptu tour, but I managed to snap a few photos with my iphone. I’ll insert some of them below!

Are you afraid of heights?

Leave me a comment on your favorite city views!




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