The Name, Olive & Wood

Hi, Olives!

It’s an overcast Monday and I’m currently curled up on the couch in a warm blanket! It’s officially spring, so where is the warmer weather?

A few people have shot me weird looks or inquired about how I came up with the name, Olive & Wood.

So, if you’re curious too, read on!

The “Olive” part, is a play on words for “Ahles” my mother’s maiden name, and that portion of my family. Olive loosely sounds like “Ahles,” but more so, is for the olive skin tone that binds us, a characteristic uniquely our own, and vastly different than the physical characteristics of my father’s side. This side of my family is a bit convoluted, and I really could only name about ten members of the Ahles family, although, my Grandfather was the oldest of thirteen. We’re not close, but we do share physical characteristics and as I’m told, an interest in law!

The “Wood” part of the name, represents my father’s side of the family and my last name, “Holtz.” Holtz is derived from the German word “holz,” meaning forest. This may explain my love affair with flannels and bearded men! Ha! Many variations of the last name have to do with working or living in the woods, being in the lumber industry, or are associated with lumberjacks! I’m very close with this side of my family and I couldn’t be more proud to be Sarah forest/woods/lumberjack/woodworker!

What does your last name mean?

Let me know in the comments below!







2 thoughts on “The Name, Olive & Wood

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  1. Do you know when your family changed the spelling of your last name? I know during war time a lot of people altered their names so they would seem less German.

    Dickmann comes from my dad’s side of the family. Dick is a German adjective for fat and Mann means man. Most people only want to add one N to my last name but that would change the meaning; man meaning you or one (not the number). So I’m super particular about the spelling.
    I know my mother’s family comes from Germany as well but her last name has no direct translation to anything.


  2. That’s so interesting Becky! So, what your telling me is that… the translation of your last name is fat-man? Becky Fatman. Ha! That may be unfortunate, however, quite funny and a good story to tell!


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