Uncomfortable Conversations


Hey, Olives!

Here’s some late night blogging for you! I’m so sorry that I’ve been totally M.I.A. from Olive & Wood for the last month or so! But, I’ve found my way back, and I’ll have so many life updates coming your way!

But, for now, it’s been weighing on my heart lately to talk to y’all about being grateful, accepting help, and letting life play out.

Let me give you a little context.

About a month ago, I quit my job at the Capitol for a part-time position as a paralegal for a struggling law firm in the Milwaukee area. It was just the opportunity I was looking for…. or so I thought. Hell! I even had my own office! A real, spacious office, with a real door, a huge wooden desk, my own copier that I didn’t have to share with anyone else, a coat rack, and two wooden chairs placed in front of my desk, for… you guessed it, real clients! Most of my friends my age consider themselves lucky if their cubicle mate isn’t a total slob-kabob or doesn’t talk too loudly, or really just showers and doesn’t stink up the place. I had made it!

The law firm offered me the ability to learn first hand the in’s and out’s of running a law practice while also providing a flexible learning environment for a young paralegal fresh out of college. I was excited! I was given a whole host of tasks ranging from the mundane–yet necessary–administrative tasks, to real paralegal work!

Fast forward several weeks and many internal battles later, I found myself having one of the most uncomfortable conversations professionally possible, clearing out my desk and returning my keys. I was just getting familiar with clients cases, and deciding how I’d decorate my office, when as it turns out, the law practice was struggling financially. It was not entirely the attorney’s fault, rather a string of bad luck compounded with some poor business decisions. My first paycheck bounced and I had little savings to fall back on.

Here’s the part about being grateful, accepting help, and letting life play out as it does.

My sweet, caring, and wonderful parents offered help both emotionally and financially. I always declined. I was prideful. I thought I’ll make it work just like I always do by working more hours doing odd nannying jobs or at my weekend grocery store gig. When my boyfriend’s family noticed I was getting migraine headaches and making up really bad excuses as to why I was so stressed out, they too offered help financially. They offered to loan me the money I was owed until the situation was rectified. I again declined.

I began to see that people around you care and just want to help. No judgment. No, “you should have known” or “why didn’t you plan better?” Just altruistic individuals. Sometimes in life, you just accept help because it makes the other person feel better. It smooths the situation over and life carries on.

You don’t have to have life figured out. You also don’t have to have some big corporate job six months after graduation, and you certainly don’t have to feel bad about being a waitress in the mean time. You don’t have to justify your life to old high school classmates at your five-year class reunion or feel inferior about moving back home to save some money. And finally, you certainly don’t have to have a real office, with a real door, and a wooden desk to find your place in this world.

So, Olives, lift up those around you, help others who need you, and accept that life throws curves in your [God’s] plan.







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  1. A big lesson on pride. And above all else I’m glad you learned that NO ONE can judge you, not even yourself. Doing the best you can is all that life is ever about and it’s never a race. I’m glad you’re feeling better.


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